Punjab Govt’s record allocation of funds for the Southern Punjab is a farce: Tanvir Ashraf Kaira

Secretary General PPP, Punjab Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has said that the impressive projection of the Punjab Government regarding record allocation of funds for the Southern Punjab is farce than fact in practice.

This he stated in a statement issued from here today.

He said that the track record of the last five six years amply suggested that the Punjab government announced unprecedented allocations for the Southern Punjab in Budget documents but during the course of the financial years funds were invariably transferred through re-appropriation for utilization on the projects of their liking in Lahore.

He said such fraud with the economically deprived people of the Southern Punjab was the dishonesty of the highest order and could not be condoned by any measure.

He said that putting the lengthy and exaggerated advertisements campaign in media dominated by the display of the photo of Punjab Chief Minister at the expense of tax payers money reflected poorly on his sense of proportion heavily leaned to self-aggrandizement.

He also pointed out that the allocation in the health sector in the budget defied the commitment of the government to the people of Punjab who neither got medicines nor the staff available for diagnosis of diseases because of the acute shortage of doctors and paramedic staff in government hospitals.
15-6-2014 Kaira

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