#PPP fully supports full scale military operation in N Waziristan #ZarbEAzb: Mian Manzoor Wattoo

PPP Punjab President Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo said in a statement that his party supported that ongoing operation “Zarb-e- Azb” against terrorists to establish the writ of the state.

Wattoo pointed out that the PPP in pursuance of the declaration of the All Parties Conference decided to support the government in the fight against extremism and terrorism to bring peace in the country either through talks or taking the terrorists head on.

The PPP Punjab president said that the PPP was fully behind the Pakistan Army in the operation adding that all Pakistanis should support the government’s decision to fight the terrorists on their turf because they posed a serious existential threat to the security of the country.

He said that the PPP workers and its leadership prayed the early success of the operation and elimination of the faceless enemy that had been holding the nation its hostage for the last so many years.

He said it was not the time to go to the streets and protest as a few parties were planning adding it was the time to forge unity to fight the enemy that was against Pakistan, democracy and our way of life and wanted to impose its toxic, redundant and obscurantist ideology that had no relevance to modern times.

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