Tanvir Ashraf Kaira does not endorse a PM’s foreign visit at this time

Secretary General Pakistan People’s Party Tanvir Ashraf Kaira in statement issued here today has said that the Prime Minister should have been in Pakistan at this time when the nation was deeply engaged in fighting out the menace of terrorism and the operation by the Armed Forces against terrorists was in full swing in North Wazirstan.

He pointed out that the incumbent Prime Minister had undertaken maximum foreign tours as compare to any head of government during such a short span of time. He is in better position to understand the usefulness of such visits because he hardly takes the Parliament into confidence in most of the cases, he added.

He maintained that the situation in the province of Punjab was volatile as a result of brutal use of force by the provincial police of the PML(N) government led by Shahbaz Sharif against the PAT workers the other day.
He referred to the PAT sit- in during PPP previous government last year in front of Parliament but same was resolved through the political means and prevented amicably the situation taking ugly turn.

He observed that the removal of the encroachments could have been executed with peaceful means by holding negotiations with the PAT responsible leaders instead of unleashing the police force that killed more than ten people and injured many others.

He pointed out that democratic ethos demanded that the issues of governance and public interest should be resolved through mutual consultation with the stakeholders because they would be affected if decisions were taken without bringing them on board.
He asked the Punjab Government to desist from tampering the record of the abhorrent incident and those who were allegedly involved to order the use of force without proportionate provocation should be brought in the dock.

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