Model Town carnage: Punjab CM and cabinet could not be absolved of the consequences, says Tanvir Ashraf Kaira

Secretary General PPP, Punjab Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, in a statement issued from here today has commented on the media reports attributed to top hierarchy of the government maintaining that Model Town incident was badly handled by bureaucrats and not by the political leadership of the province of Punjab.
He said that the confession of the government was itself irrational, illogical and out of place because the administration was a part and parcel of the government and therefore could not be defined in isolation.
He said that if bureaucrats were responsible for the carnage then why they sacked Rana Sanaullha who was not a bureaucrat. Either his sacking was wrong or the reported shifting of responsibility on bureaucrats in a bid to bailout the real culprits is wrong, he added.
He pointed out that under the parliamentary system of government there was narrative of collective responsibility and therefore the Chief Minister and his cabinet members could not be absolved of the consequences of the Model Town carnage in which more than ten people were killed.
He observed that the afterthoughts of the government Ministers and the Chief Minister were making the situation more embarrassing for the government and therefore they should accept their irresponsible and disproportionate conduct and move forward and focus on improving the governance which was the first causality in such circumstances.
He also rejected the government’s reported move to track down Dr. Tahir-Ul-Qadari in different cases like money laundering adding such ill-conceived moves would be considered as political victimization invoking sympathies for him and such should not be pursued.
He said that the PPP previous democratic government deserved credit for not putting any one behind bar based on political opponents’ view point adding there was no political prisoner during that period in the country.

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