5th July- That day and today -by Dr Prince Ali

The 2008 General Elections and the resulting democratic government had given a ray of hope to the people of Pakistan. This hope was more among the youth because we (youngsters) had spent the majority of our little life in the shadow of dictatorship. I myself had a light bulb moment during the dictatorship-to-democracy transition. One day when I was watching the oath-taking ceremony of the newly elected cabinet with full excitement, my daddy, who always has a deep analysis on Pakistani politics, advised me not to be too much optimistic as there would be loads of hindrances in near future for this newly based setup. I did not pay attention to his words. Why would I have to? WHO would have obstructed the democratic way?
The then dictator, whose rule shuddered the day Muhtarma Benazir gave her life? Or his King’s Party, which was being taken into pieces every other day? Or the pious media, which had fallen prey to the dictatorship in the near past? I had no idea what my daddy was talking about. But the answers were in the pipeline. In the very first week of PPP-led government, I heard a witty oracle from Pindi on a talk show predicting the doom of the government within next three months. Later, the electronic media started to make a mountain of a molehill for everything they got from Islamabad. Also the holier-than-thou lawyers started to threaten the executive of grave consequences if their godly judge was not reinstated. And the best answer I got was from THE LONG MARCH plight.
Whenever any dictator repressed the nation’s will he needed a King’s Party and a handicapped judiciary. This time the problem was that the Q-league was already segmented into multiple pieces and Mian Sahb was keen to take the line of democracy. The fresh judiciary of rotten judges was also very hard on establishment(at least on the t.v tickers). So it looked that the democracy will continue smoothly. But the puppeteers always have some stock. To achieve their goals political steroids were given to a so-far failed political party. Nursing was necessary for its accomplishment and this role was efficiently played by Media. The way media presented the holiness of these political orphans, the same way they presented the biased judiciary as impartial. However, time kept on passing and the hurdles kept on disturbing the government. By hook or crook President Zardari played his cards smartly and completed his term, saved the country from the threat of another coup and happily transferred the rule to another democratic party(for the first time in the history of Pakistan!). As a result, Mian Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister for yet another term.
Even nowadays the PMLN is facing a serious threat against its rule. The window of escape is very narrow. At one end our Armed Forces are surgically treating the extensively metastatic cancer. At the other end, a Canadian has landed on our soil and is trying to bring a strong revolution after letting his workers die on the streets and ‘begging for his own life’. At the third corner, those who themselves are the slaves of terrorists are keen to free us, from God knows who, on our Independence Day. If there is any corner of relief for PMLN it’s the fourth one, which is occupied by PPP.
But the question is why the words of my daddy are the real fact? Why those ‘few elements’ don’t want democracy to prevail in this country? Today is 5th of July. This is the BLACK DAY when our BHUTTO’s government was overthrown by the wicked General Zia. Or it won’t be wrong saying that the nation’s hopes were strangulated by the murderer. We have heard the stories of Pharaohs throughout our life but we thought they were mere stories. We never understood their motto. 5th July also has a motto. Should we only mourn on this day? Or protest in front of press clubs? NO! We should learn from our mistakes. We must understand its motto. I pray that the 5th July incident is not repeated. But you remember you used to cherish Chaudhry Iftikhar and now you never miss a chance to curse upon him, I am afraid you are practicing the same on boots!
For how long will you keep humiliating the democratic forces on talk shows? For how long will you keep plotting conspiracies against your opponents? For how long will you keep trying to enter the system through backdoor? For how long will you keep using suo motu? For how long will you continue this theatrical play? And for how long will we remain spectators?
We must give our generations “A DEMOCRACY”!

The author is a member of PPP Punjab Social Media.
Twitter: @dhahri_prince

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