All democrats observe #5thJuly as national #BlackDay: Faryal Talpur

Karachi: July 4, 2014: PPP MNA and President of Pakistan Peoples Party ladies wing Madam Faryal Talpur has said in her statement that all democratic people of the country observe 5th July as national black day for a dictator general Zia ul Haq toppled then democratic govt and promulgated worse and brutal kind of dictatorship.
General Zia intervened Afghanistan on a super power’s intention that forced three million odd Afghan refugees to come here which caused to destabilize our national economy. Kalashnikov-culture introduced, sectarian and racial parties established and allowed to grow under govt’s umbrella during that era also.
She expressing her concern over the rise of and said that killing of 60,000 odd people during terrorism and target killing is result of general Zia’s policies. She vowed to root-out all kinds of conspiracies against democracy and to defend democratic system.

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