Senator Taj Haider Secretary General PPP Sindh strongly condemns killings of peasants at Okara Farms


General Secretary of Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh Senator Taj Haider has strongly condemned the killings of peasants at Okara Farms. In a press statement issued today he said that the PML (N) governments are continuing on their old method of escalating tensions to the level where innocent lives are lost.

 Senator Taj Haider said that the Peoples’ Government had resolved the long standing issue of the ownership rights of the farmers of Okara Military Farms in an amicable manner through its farmer friendly policies. At a time when due to anti-farmer policies of the present government, hundreds of thousands of farmers in Punjab are being pushed once again below the poverty line, there is hardly any rationale behind raising the farm rentals. If the children of those who toil night and day to grow food sleep hungry than the rental incomes of those, living in comfort should also go down.

 Raising the cost of agricultural inputs, neglecting adjustment of support prices, restricting PASCO purchases only to the big pro-PML (N) landlords, supplying of gunny bags to middlemen instead of actual farmers, late and highly interrupted supply of water and electricity to farmers are pushing rural in Punjab in an abyss of poverty and are counterproductive at the national level. In spite of devastating floods for 3 consecutive years the Government of Pakistan Peoples Party had turned Pakistan from a food importing country to a food exporting country. The increase in Agriculture production, agricultural incomes and the purchasing power of farmers had reduced migration to urban areas and developed new markets, besides raising the rural standards of living of rural Pakistan. There can be no bigger indicator of reversal of these healthy trends than the drop in the growth of the agriculture sector, which the present government have themselves accepted in spite of large scale manipulation of figures in the Budget and the Economic Survey.

 Senator Taj Haider demanded that the tragedy at Okara Farms should be investigated by a Judge of high repute. The Farm rentals should be reduced and the government should stop its anti-farmer policies.

Source : Office of the Secretary General PPP Sindh

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