PPP not in favour of change of govt: Mian Manzoor Wattoo

PAKISTAN People’s Party (PPP) Punjab central leader Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo has said that the PPP is not in favour of pre-mature change of government through agitation.

He was addressing a meeting of office-bearers of PPP at USA chaired by President PPP in New York Shafqat Tanvir, said a message received here Friday.

Wattoo said the politics of confrontation, acrimony, personal attacks and the habit of blowing out of proportion had cost Pakistan dearly in terms of hurting the federation, the continuity of democracy and political system, and the process of national integration. He said the sanity should prevail because the country could not afford the burden of poor judgments any more, he observed.

He maintained that the PPP was supporting the continuity of democratic process in the country in difficult circumstances despite the allegations of the “B Team” of the government. He maintained that while the mistakes of the politicians in the past were facts but the unnecessary and unconstitutional interference of some of the state institutions also wreaked havoc with the collective destiny of the country that squarely hampered the overall progress of the nation besides the continuity of the democratic process. Democracy, political stability and social development are interlinked, he argued.

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