No PIA employee to be expelled until PPP is there: Raza Rabbani

Peoples Unity of the PIA, a wing of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), on Thursday staged a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club against Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) privatisation plan and criticised the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government for its bid to turn hundreds of people jobless.
Addressing the protesters, PPP Additional Secretary General and Senator Raza Rabbani said that the PML-N’s top priority was to deprive people of their jobs whenever they had come into power.
Rabbani said a conspiracy was being hatched to expel hundreds of PIA employees from their jobs through privatisation. The PML-N was trying to carry out economic massacre of employees through the PIA privatization plan, he said.
He said the PML-N was eyeing to expel 8,000 PIA employees but they wanted to remind them that the PPP would not allow any of the PIA employees to be expelled until a single PPP worker was alive. The PPP activists had come on roads against this privatization and if the PML-N continued acting on its privatization plan, the PPP would bring a sea of people on roads, he warned, adding they would not allow the PML-N to sell out millions of PIA commercial property.
Senator Saeed Ghani said the leaders were doing injustice with the people through depriving them of their jobs which would ultimately affect their household.
He said it was not 1997 when Nawaz Sharif took his decisions alone instead the time had changed and it was 2014 where no decision could be taken without consensus of other political parties. The PPP would raise this issue at every level and the PIA unions would also raise voice against it, he said.

Source : Pakistan Today

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