Asif Zardari telephones Imran Khan and Sirajul Haq

August 5, 2014: Co-Chairman Pakistan People’s Party former President Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday afternoon telephoned separately PTI chief Imran Khan and Amir JI Sirajul Haq from London and exchanged views on the current political situation in the country.

Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar said that in telephonic talk with Mr. Imran Khan the former President said that the PPP agreed with the contention of recount in the disputed constituencies under the law and opposed the calling in of troops in Islamabad under Article 245 of the Constitution. However, it was also crucial that no opportunity was provided to anyone to derail the democratic system in the country behind the façade of political instability, he said.

The baby should not be thrown out with bath water; the Spokesperson quoted Mr. Zardari as having said.

In telephonic talk with JI Amir Sirajul Haq the former President also reiterated the same view point saying also that he believed that the guiding principle should be that worst democracy was better any so called benign dictatorship.

Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the thrust of the phone calls of former President was emphasis on protecting and promoting democracy and constitutionalism and at the same time send a clear message to the government to listen to the voices of reason and logic and not overshoot the bullet.

He said that Mr Zardari is genuinely and seriously concerned over the direction and momentum of the political course in the country. He is keen to consult all political forces in a bid to protect democratic structures from being undermined under any pretext and the phone calls are part of the consultative process.

At the same time the former President is keen to dissuade the government from any knee jerk reaction or embarking upon an irrational and illogical course that may result in political instability and expose democratic institutions to new and unforeseen kinds of threats.

Meanwhile in reply to a question the Spokesperson said that the PPP will not participate in the PAT’s gathering on August 10 in Lahore ostensibly to pay homage to the victims of June 17 Model Town tragedy.

While the PPP condemns the Model town incident, calls for registration of FIR, holding of judicial inquiry and punishment to those who transgressed authority and also deeply sympathizes with bereaved families of the victims it will not do anything that might be seen as aligning with PAT’s so called ‘revolution march’ on Islamabad, he said.

The Spokesperson said that the PPP believes that calling in troops under Article 245 is a fatal decision that will have serious repercussions and said that the decision should be reviewed by the government.

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