Overseas Pakistanis are our assets: PPP Punjab Information Secretary Raja Amir Khan

Lahore: PPP Punjab Information Secretary Raja Amir Khan said that Pakistanis residing in other foreign countries provide the country with a foreign exchange worth of 11 million dollars. By giving the foreign-based Pakistanis’ the right to vote would strengthen the relation with their country.
Mr.Raja said that foreign based Pakistanis are keen about the political situations in the country. They wish to see Pakistan as a prosperous country and we respect their love for their nation. Giving remarks and calling them dictators would not be right the thing to do.
He expressed these views in an interview. He said that few of the Pakistanis might also be the holders of those country passports but they are more concerned about the situations of their country and have more broad visions than those of the feudal lords and the politicians of the country. People for the materialistic gains possess dual nationalities; otherwise, they have their domiciles of their native land, Pakistan. A person is known by its domiciled information not by the nationalities he possess, the secretary said.
While expressing concern over the unemployment and the fragile economic issues the Information Secretary said that according to an estimate, around 2 million people will get unemployed in the upcoming next two years and if we failed to provide those people with the necessities then the socio-economic situations of the country will worsen.
“Foreign-based Pakistanis are need of our country that cannot be neglected. We strive to serve them, as they are the helping hands for the prosperous future of the country.”

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