Parliament is supreme, says Latif Khosa

Source: Daily Express
LAHORE: Governor Punjab Latif Khosa Saturday said only parliament has the right to introduce Constitutional amendments and make legislations and courts should speak through their judgments.
Talking to media men at an Iftar-dinner in Lahore, he said that a parliament is the only institution that distinguishes democracy from dictatorship and the impression that judiciary is supreme just because it interprets constitution is wrong.
He said that judiciary’s indiscriminately bulldozing the institutions of state had made fun of Pakistan the world over.
“People are talking about ousting the Chief justice, which is inappropriate as it weakens the institutions and there should not be another Sajjad Ali Shah” said he.
He also said that the Chief Justice should also refrain from issuing disappointing statements, and no one would benefit from criticizing the government.
Source: The News

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