Senator Raza Rabbani vows to stand guard for protecting democracy

Senator Raza Rabbani

ISLAMABAD: Senior politician Senator Raza Rabbni on Tuesday vowed to stand guard against any moved to derail democracy and wrapping up the system.

Speaking on a motion moved to discuss political situation in the country, Raza Rabbani said, the present situation is alarming and posed serious challenges for the Parliament and democracy. He said the government should have taken the situation seriously despite that we had repeatedly requested it to engage the protesting parties in dialogue.

“The situation which has emerged today could have been diluted through the parliament and the elected representatives.” He said it does not suit the PTI leadership to show no confidence in the Parliament and term it as a fake parliament.

He said combined opposition in the Senate stands united for supremacy of the constitution and the parliament.

“We, the Senators want to send a clear message that if anybody involves in adventurism against democracy and the parliament, all political forces will stand against that move.”

He said the Senate has a tradition that it always played a pivotal role against any kind of dictatorship.

“I want to say loud and clear that if democratic process is derailed the Senate will once again become Stalingrad.”

Source : APP & Business Recorder

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