Asif Ali Zardari! The Walking dictionary of Politics -by Asif Waheed

James Gibbons says “”There are no office hours for leaders”

If you want to be a great leader, remember to treat all people with respect and his prestige. Because you never know when you’ll need help. A common man is more likely to look at the policies which directly impacted his day to day life.

PPP’s term was not always full of sunshine and butterflies; but Democracy has been a tough challenge for PAK. In its 67 years of history, the democratic process has been hijacked four times. When elected governments did manage to acquire power, they failed to complete their term.

Former President and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari have completed his five-year term becoming the first democratically elected president in the country’s history to complete his full term in office.

29-point report on PPP 5 yrs performance, highlighting major achievements during the period. Major Works has been taken which can sustain the future coming government in PAK.

Transfer of Presidential powers to the office of the PM and the Parliament, Pak-Iran agreement on the gas pipeline, Agreement with China on Gwadar Port , Increase in foreign exchange reserves from $6B in 2008 to $16B in 2013, Increase in export from $18B in 2008 to $29B in 2012, Revival of the 1973 Constitution, Constitution empowerment of Gilgit-Baltistan, Consensus approval of 7th NFC Award, Consensus approval of 18th Constitutional Amendment, New record of US$24B exports, , New record of US$17B foreign Reserves, Financial and Administration empowerment of provinces, Initiation of Aghaz-e-Haqooq-Baluchistan Package, Financial Protection of 50lac poor families through BISP, Payment of Rs. 2B as well as 1st installment of Rs .10B out of Rs. 120B provincial dues, leveling of 10,000 acres of land to be irrigated with Mirani Dam, Construction of canals, development of 1670 acres of land to be irrigated with Subakzai, Dam 31 out of 34 canals constructed, Approval of Rs. 4.25B for NLC in Baluchistan By the PM YRG, scholarship for 16450 students from Baluchistan, Appointment of officers from Baluchistan at the federal secretariat per the provincial quota, Appointment of 118 Engineers from Baluchistan at Gwadar Port, Employment 5000 graduates in provincial Government etc.

Gwadar Port and Pak-Iran gas pipeline have been difficult & seemed to be complicated when US shows concerned, even worse, with threat of the punitive actions like sanctions or severance of aids. US elements easily seem by Raymond Davis case,AbbotaBad raids&Memo gate scandal and drone strikes in PAK Internal matters. Any way… Come to the point…

Asif Ali Zardari took pride in the rewriting and amendments made to the country’s constitution.

He deserves to salute for his sacrifices to strengthen democracy in PAK. He has made smooth democratic political field for PMLN to play under the protection of 1973 constitution restored in original form by him. Biggest thing of Asif Zardari is that he never against to anyone one even his worst enemy. He remained friendly with every one throughout his 5 years term as President. No doubt he was supported By PM Nawaz Sharif during his tenure and now he has assured to do the same. He proved himself smarter than the pack. His dealings teach a lesson to us that PAK can survive and thrive only if you believe in dialogues. Politics means to hold dialogues. Its true.

Transition phase in democracy is always difficult. History will praise to AsifAliZardari for setting precedent of smooth transfer of power. His weapons were his political insight and sincere efforts for reconciliation with all the political forces in the country. He steered the lurching boat of democracy out of troubled waters. The President’s pro-democracy role has proved that he is a true friend of democracy. PPP has complete his term and faced many long march, sit-protests, national and international threats and security challenges but AAZ kept parliament strengthened, many laws&bills had been passed. We cannot deny his political maturity, outlook and wisdom in PAK history with the greats of PAK.

He survived through this long period, because he aimed for it that he tolerated harsh and brutal criticism. Nation is missing the PPP due to its democratic tactics after Model Town case and so-called Long Marches and Revolutions.

AsifAliZardari has already made it clear in his interview that he didn’t have any wish to hold any other government office in the nearer future. He has really served Nation as true elected Nation’s President of PAK. I urge to Nation make more strong his hands will give better future for coming generation before face other LongMarch, AzadiMarch, or revolution March in future. Reality is that he has given the foundation to this country on which a strong and unbreakable building of democracy can be constructed. In the end, AsifZardari has made long lasting contribution for the democracy. Only time will proof.
Source: Asif Waheed Blog

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