It will be unconstitutional to write Swiss letter – Raja Amir Khan

Peoples Party (PPP) Punjab Information Secretary, Raja Amir Khan said President enjoys immunity under article 248 of constitution of the country and writing a letter against the office of the president would be unconstitutional.
Talking to media, he said Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had given a unanimous constitution in 1973 that had kept the country intact and the present PPP government had restored the constitution and we as followers will defend the constitution at all cost.
He said the Parliament as the supreme institution of the state and has all powers to legislate and no one can snatch this right, the constitution says that parliament is the supreme institution of the country and it will be unconstitutional to write a letter to Swiss courts against the president, as president is part of the parliament and enjoys full immunity within Pakistan and abroad.
There are anti-democratic forces who want to see this democratic transition fail, so they are busy conspiring against the PPP led government. He added.

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