Chief justice should pay heed to Indian counterpart's lecture, says Raja Amir Khan

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Punjab Information Secretary, Raja Amir Khan said the Supreme Court was doing politics and undermining the role of representative institutes, as the un-elected institution ‘judiciary’ was trying to penetrate into politics by setting aside the legislature.
Chief justice of Pakistan should pay heed to the Indian counterpart’s lecture who clearly stated that judges should not govern the country or evolve policies, so they should refrain from directly interfering in politics and executive affairs, as they are not elected representative and not directly answerable to people. The whole world believe that the Judiciary is encroaching upon parliament’s domain and become a dictator. He said.
He said in a press statement that right now main issue was that our judges had not paid heed to independent analysis and observatiosn to enhance the concept of independent judiciary, separation of power and continuity of the democracy.
He said that the clash between the institutions would be harmful for the country.

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