People will again reject PML-N in next elections, says Raja Amir Khan

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Punjab Information Secretary, Raja Amir Khan said that the PPPP was the only federal party of the country having roots and representation in all the five provinces, as well as in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The people of Pakistan were the real judges and they have continually expressed support in favor of the PPP.
The PPP and its allies have mandate from the electorate to put through their policies and programs. The people who are the real sovereign and they have given a five-year mandate to the PPP, and after completing the mandate the party will present itself before the masses who have the right to re-elect or reject the party the basis of its performance. He said.
He said in a press statement that Pakistan Muslim League–Nawaz (PML-N) was creating hurdles in new provinces in Punjab and thus denying the rights of the people of Southern Punjab. And people will once again reject the PMl-N again in next elections due to its anti people policies. He said that the demand for a new province was the constitutional right of the elected representatives and rulers of ‘Takhte Lahore’ had no right to deny their rights. He said people believed that Southern Punjab had been deprived of its rights in the past where masses were denied their fundamental rights. The PPP government initiated process for the creation of a new province in order to address the legitimate grievances of the backward areas in the country

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