Cabinet approves Anti-terrorism (Amendment) Bill,2012,Investigation,for Fair Trial Bill, 2012

ISLAMABAD, Sep 5 (APP): The federal cabinet on Wednesday considered and accorded approval to the Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2012, concerning terrorism financing and also considered “Investigation for Fair Trial Bill, 2012 besides approving draft Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2012 and Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill.The Anti-Terrorism (Amendment Bill, 2012, provides for addressing shortcomings relating to the terrorism financing provisions in the Anti-terrorism Act, 1997.
In particular, the Bill strengthens the provisions creating the offence of terrorism financing; covering all aspects of the offence in the light of international standards and provides for more effective measures for law enforcement agencies to investigate the offence.The provisions on freezing, seizing and forfeiture of property involved in the terrorism financing offence have been strengthened to ensure that the funding of the terrorism financing offence is detected and seized after due process of law.

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