President vows not to allow anyone endanger Pakistan’s existence

ISLAMABAD, Sept 6(APP): President Asif Ali Zardari has said that thedark forces of extremism, militancy and sectarianism are posing a serious challenge to the integrity of the nation, but no one will be allowed to endanger its existence.The President, in a message on the Defence Day of Pakistan, said that Pakistan was a moderate, tolerant and peaceful nation, where political choices were made by the ballot.“Let us, therefore, pledge that we will never allow anyone to endanger our existence as a moderate, tolerant and peaceful nation,” he said.Stressing an urgent need for clarity of purpose and national unity to confront the challenges, the President said that the demonstration of unprecedented cohesion among the people, singularity of purpose at the national level and valour of the armed forces made September 6, a memorable day in the national calendar.
He said on this day in 1965 the people from all over Pakistan and representing all shades of opinion joined hands in standing behind the valiant armed forces in thwarting aggression.
“The commemoration of September 6 revives our spirits and strengthens our resolve to defend the country against all kinds of threats and to be always prepared for any sacrifice for its integrity and honour.”
President Zardari said, “We salute the people for their show of unity, the armed forces for their courage to defend the country and also pay homage to our martyrs, who laid down their lives in upholding the honour of the country.”
The President also paid homage to the great sons and daughters, who laid down their lives in defending the national frontiers.
“They sacrificed their lives so that we lived in freedom. They did not die in vain,” the President said and reiterated the pledge to revive the spirit of unity of September 1965 in confronting the new challenges.

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