Nation need same zeal of 1965 war to defeat forces of terrorism, sectarianism: PM

ISLAMABAD, Sept 6 (APP): Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has said that nation need the same zeal and commitment today as it exhibited in the 1965 war to defeat the forces of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism. “I am proud that our valiant armed forces are fighting against these scourges with the support of the nation and we remain determined to surmount all challenges to national integrity and security,” the Prime Minister said in his message on the occasion of Defence Day (Sept.6).Expressing complete faith in the people of Pakistan and armed forces, the Prime Minister said,”If we maintain unity in our ranks and remain resolute in the face of the odds facing us, there is no reason why we cannot defeat the nefarious designs of our enemies and overcome the challenges that confront us.”He said as the nation celebrates Defence Day today, it reminds us of the heroic sacrifices rendered by the armed forces for the defence of the motherland.
He said the nation rose to the occasion and proved that the aggressive and nefarious designs of a numerically superior and militarily bigger power could be thwarted through unity, faith and courage. A nation that remains steadfast in its determination and is imbued with love for the country is bound to succeed, he added.
The Prime Minister paid rich tributes to the martyrs and ‘Ghazis’ who displayed sincerity of purpose, gallantry, sacrifice, and courage, which the nation could rightfully take pride in.
He said September 6 is a day, which represents the nation’s unwavering commitment to unify in the face of grave challenges.
He said Pakistan is a nuclear power and we are grateful to Shaheed Zulifkar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan’s first elected Prime Minister, who launched the country’s nuclear programme and made its defence impregnable.
Raja Pervez Ashraf said Pakistan did not entertain any aggressive design against anyone and desires to have friendly and peaceful relations in accordance with internationally recognized principles of peaceful co-existence.
On this occasion, “let us reiterate our pledge to safeguard our independence and integrity. Let us commit ourselves to focus our energies for the progress and welfare of our people,” the Prime Minister said.

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