Flight delayed due to a technical issue and not the fault of Rehman Malik, says PIA spokesperson

Pakistan International Airline (PIA)spokesperson Mashood Tajwar speaking to Dawn said that the delay in the flight was due to a technical issue and not the fault of Senator Rehman Malik.
“PIA does not promote VIP culture… but this flight was delayed an hour and 30 minutes due to a technical reason,” Tajwar said. “The delay had been conveyed to passengers via SMS.
Some passengers who had given the contact details of their travel agent may not have been conveyed the message by their agents.”
He added that the plane took off at 8.55PM. “The flight was not delayed because of Rehman Malik,” Tajwar said. “We are looking into what actually happened but after the delay, the flight departed when it was meant to.”
In a message on social media in this regard, Senator Rehman Malik said delay in the flight was not because of him, adding there should be inquiry into the matter.
Mr. Malik said neither he is a VIP person nor he has such behavior.

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