Senator Rehman Malik's press release

PRESS RELEASE: Dated: 16-9-2014
Chairman Senate Standing Committee on
Planning, Development & Reforms /
Former Federal Minister for Interior /
President PPP Overseas & International Affairs
A spokesperson of Senator A. Rehman Malik has stated that Senator A. Rehman was to fly from Karachi to Islamabad on 15th September, 2014 at 7:00 pm, by PK-370. He was informed at 5:45 pm that Flight was late due to some technical reasons and the flight is expected to leave at 8:30 pm.
Accordingly, Senator Rehman Malik arrived at airport and while he was on the way to the plane he was informed by a member of PIA Staff that there was a lot a bashing going on from one of the political party workers against an MNA of PML(N) and there was lot of sloganeering. In view of the prevailing situation, Senator A. Rehman Malik did not enter the plane and did not travel on 15-9-2014
PIA through their official Spokesperson issued a press statement that the delay was not caused because of the Senator A. Rehman Malik but it was due to technical fault. Hence, all the propaganda against Senator A. Rehman Malik was malafide and without any foundation whatsoever.
According to the Civil Aviation Rules, videos cannot be made at airport vicinity and especially at plane and no one has the right to record any persons video without permission. It was an unfortunate incident where an honorable Member of National Assembly was humiliated and door was re-opened and he was pushed out of the plane by the fellow passengers, which has sent a very wrong signal internationally for such an undesirable act by the workers of political party / others.
Moreover, this was an act amounting to endangering the safety of the passengers on board and also an act of violation within the meaning of IATA Rules (copy attached).
It is, therefore, demanded that PIA should tender an apology to all the passengers for undue discomfort caused due to the technical delay (as has become the norm with the airline) and to Senator A. Rehman Malik for failing to present correct facts timely, causing the delay being wrongfully attributed to him. Further, the airlines security / staff failed to stop the takeover of the plane by the violators against the IATA rules & laws of the land and completely mismanaged the entire situation.
Senator A. Rehman Malik reserves the right to sue all the persons / violators involved in this vilification campaign. Senator A. Rehman Malik was attributed a delay of 2 hours, widely reported in the media, which was not his fault as admitted by the airlines itself subsequently.
(Imran Ali)
Spokesperson to
Senator A. Rehman Malik

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