SCBA condemns manhandling of Musa Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Condemning the manhandling of lawmaker Ali Musa Gilani by the Anti-Narcotics Force, Supreme Court Bar Association President Yasin Azad on Wednesday demanded that the Supreme Court take strict action against all officials involved in this incident.
According to a statement, the SCBA took serious note of the observation made by the bench in its September 14 order and demanded that the court take strict action against all those officials involved in this “hateful effort”.
Azad said that the SCBA considered blocking of the court gates by uniformed officials an unbearable and agonising act for the legal community. The SCBA considered it a wilful act to hinder the administration of justice and gross negation and denial of fundamental right of “access to justice” to the law-abiding body of lawyers. The SCBA ensured its unconditional support to save the honour, dignity, and might of the courts and to safeguard the legal rights of the members of legal fraternity.
Source: Daily Times

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