PML-N led federal/Punjab Govts should take immediate measures to reimburse the losses suffered by the farmers: Senator Taj Haider

General Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh Senator Taj Haider in a press statement issued today has said that Allah in His mercy has saved Sindh from the vagaries of high floods which were feared. However, Party and the Provincial Government had made all preparations to meet the challenge.
Fortunately, rains did not come at the time when flood waters entered Sindh. Also torrents that flow down from Baluchistan and play havoc did not aggravate the situation. However, we never expected that the Government of Punjab would opt for submerging its rural areas in order to protect its urban areas. We felt that the rural and urban areas in Punjab will share the burden equally and a large quantity of water would flow downstream during a very short time.
Senator Taj Haider said that we went wrong in estimating the extent to which the anti-farmer Government of Punjab could go. It is extremely painful for us to know that around 200 breaches in protective bunds in Punjab were made which totally submerged and destroyed our peasant brothers in Punjab.
Senator Taj Haider expressed profound grief that farmers in Punjab most of whom must have taken loans to pay for the expensive agricultural inputs and who had toiled for months under blazing sun have lost everything when the harvest was about to be reaped. It will take years of good harvests for the farmers to make up for the losses they have suffered.
The policy of breaching protective bunds and destroying standing crops of rice, cotton and sugarcane will have very serious effects on our exports. Already, Senator Taj Haider said, yarn prices have started shooting up in the market. With the cost of production going up we shall loose the competitive edge in export market.
Senator Taj Haider demanded that the Federal Government and the government of Punjab should take immediate measures to reimburse the losses suffered by the farmers and formulate policies to stabilize exports.
Source : Office of the Secretary General PPP Sindh

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