Asif Ali Zardari Former President of Pakistan in an exclusive interview with Arif Nizami on Samaa

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari said the Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif haven’t invited him, he personally visited Riawind, local media reported on Tuesday.
September May March Special Transmission (Asif… by PakistantvTV
Former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari said that sit-ins wouldn’t cause damage to the democracy
It our prime objective to save democracy, Zardari said.
He reveled that PM haven’t invited him for the luncheon, he personally visit to have some discussion over the current political crisis developed in the country.
He also said in an exclusive interview on SAMA TV “Imran Khan is an amateur in politics. He has extreme behavior, either he hates someone or loves someone. The protests are not a threat to democracy, they are a threat to economy. Nawaz Sharif didn’t invite me, I went to him myself because we want to protect democracy. PPP is in the opposition and it is our job to stand up for the system.
Altaf Hussain’s mood keeps changing, he knows how to launch a new product in politics. We will change his mind. – Asif Ali Zardari”

10:40pm: (If there’s any truth to what Hashmi sb says) Hashmi sb has his own style of politics, I would rather not comment on it, but kuch to hay jus ki pardadari hai.

10:35pm: Mian sb can definitely run his ministry for five years. It is a poltician’s job to turn the winds that are against him in his favor.
10:28pm: How did you afford to sustain your ministry for five years?
Ans) Patience and only patience. What attack I haven’t sustain? Media, opposition, individual- all sorts of attacks. I lost one of my PM, and almost lost the other. My aim was to made sure we run the government for 5 years and we did all we could for it.
10:25pm: There’s most certainly no need for new provinces. We can’t even afford these four provinces, how will you afford to run more, hold elections there- ensure free and fair. It would not be practically possible.
10:20pm: Altaf Bhai’s modes keep changing but he knows how to launch a product. But don’t worry, we’ll convince him.
10:18pm: Karachi is a city of around 25 millions, and people from other cities also migrate here. We need more funds to improve administration- this is something we have always fallen short of.
10:15pm: As far as Birth politics is considered, it is something Imran Khan needs to look on his left and right for. Ask Pervez Khattak, how many of his relatives are on different ministries?
10:10pm:Imran Khan is welcome to stand from Nazimabad and Liari. To gather 70,000 to 80,000 people in a city of millions is not a big deal.
10:07pm: Imran Khan takes extreme stance. He either loves alot or hate a lots. He is politically immature.

10:05pm: Besides the fact that our people and myself openly called these elections unfair, we accepted the results. But look at the economical conditions, we can’t afford mid-term elections- we should not put the country through this.
10:04pm: 10:03pm: Half the country has drowned owing to flood. Resources and leaders should dedicate themselves to this instead of focusing on any other issue.
10:03pm: Election anomalies were evident. They were RO elections. Nonetheless we accaepted the results.
10:01pm: I went to Nawaz Sharif to save democracy. We took the initiative ourselves.We have sacrificed a lot for democracy- BB and even myself- my 9-10 years of jail are a proof of that.
Source: SAMA

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