Southern Punjab province is reality: Governor Punjab

LAHORE: Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa has said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is showing its dictatorial thinking by not holding local government elections but holding general election is top priority of the Pakistan Peoples Party.
He was addressing participants in the 42nd PNS Staff Course of Navy War College led by Rear Admiral Kaleem Shoukat here on Tuesday.
Khosa said that the nation would have to show unity for meeting all challenges including terrorism. “We need to promote collective thinking, leaving aside all individual interest for providing a strong and healthy Pakistan to our next generation,” he added.
The governor said that Southern Punjab province was not only reality but also a need of the hour and the Pakistan Peoples Party had no interest in the name but only believed in providing basic rights.
He said people opposing the Southern Punjab province would have to face a worst defeat in the upcoming election.

Source: Daily Express

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