Agenda of ‘anarchists’ will never succeed, says Asif Ali Zardari

* Ex-president says no conspiracy against democracy will be tolerated * Raja Pervaiz Ashraf says demand for midterm polls is legal and constitutional
LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: Former president Asif Zardari on Saturday said that the agenda of ‘anarchists’ will never succeed.
The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-Chairman said his party would not compromise on supremacy of democracy and institutions.
According to details, Southern Punjab PPP leaders met under Zardari’s headship at Bilawal House Lahore. The meeting’s agenda was by-polls in Multan’s NA-149 constituency and country’s overall political situation.
Addressing the meeting, Zardari said the PPP was the party that created the constitution and it would protect it. He said that the PPP firmly stood up to every dictatorship, adding that no conspiracy against democratic institutions would be tolerated.
The former president said that he would not restrict his movement to Lahore, but would visit the whole Punjab to make party active again.
Zardari said that PPP rally in Karachi on October 18 would show that the party was still Pakistan’s largest political party.
The former president advised party workers to speed up political activities in Punjab.
“Party workers should come out of their houses,” said Zardari. He directed party officials to sort out complains of outraged workers bringing them forward.
Separately, former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said that the demand for midterm polls was legal and constitutional. Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Raja urged for verification of votes in view of the rigging allegations.
“If I was prime minister and my capital was sealed for 50 days, thousands of containers had been placed and the entry and exit of people became difficult, I would consider what to do. Under the constitutional, lawful and democratic way I would have said hold elections again,” he remarked.
The former prime minister said he would not get into a debate if asking for resignation was constitutional, however, if someone wanted to resign that was constitutional and lawful.
“Even mid-term elections are lawful and constitutional. They are held across the world,” the former PM said.
Raja added that the nation should not be scared of holding even 50 elections if this would lead to making the election mechanism transparent.
Source: Daily Times

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