Interior Minister Rehman Malik announces Sitara-e-Shujaat for Malala

SWAT: Interior Minister Rehman Malik has announced that Sitara-e-Shujaat will be awarded to 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai who was shot by the Taliban for speaking against them, reported Express News on Tuesday.
Malik was in Swat where he visited Malala’s school and announced the award for her. He also visited the other two girls injured in the incident and awarded them money. He also promised them compensation.
The minister, speaking at the school, said that Malala was a symbol of bravery.
He said that government has decided to honor the brave girl with prestigious Sitara-e-Shujaat award.
Interior Minister has also announced to tag three FC Companies’ titles on Malala, Shazia and Kainat while saying that Malala Yousaf Zai is not only a name, it is an ideology.
Talking to newsmen during his visit to Swat on Tuesday, the Minister said the federal government while declaring Malala an icon of peace and bravery has decided to honor her with Sitara-e-Shujaat. During the visit, Federal Interior Minister inquired after the health of Kainat who was accompanying Malala and also received bullet wounds in the attack. On the occasion, MNA Najam-ud-Din Khan, DCO Swat Kamran Rehan, President PPP Swat, Salim Rehman, GS Fazal Hayat Chatan and officials accompanied the Federal Interior Minister.
Interior Minister Rehman Malik has offered a $1 million bounty for Ehsanullah Ehsan, the central spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, which claimed responsibility for the attack on 14-year-old activist Malala Yousufzai’s life.
Speaking to CNN in an interview late Monday, Malik said that security agencies were investigating the attack and hunting down those whose involvement had been ascertained.
“All our law-enforcers, intelligence agencies are hunting all those who were involved. I have got some other names which I would not like to mention on record because it may damage the investigation. But let me assure my Pakistani nation, and the entire world, that we will get them very soon,” he told CNN.
Malik said that according to details unearthed in the probe, the assassination attempt on Malala was planned in Afghanistan.
“Four people came from there. … One of the guys, we have identified and (a) few of his associates have been arrested. One of – the fiancee of one of the terrorists has been detained, and all possible leads which we have developed … we are following it,” said Malik, vowing to hold all those responsible to account “very soon.”
Moreover, Malik affirmed that the government was providing security to Malala’s family and to two other girls also wounded in the same attack.
He further said that intelligence reports suggested that powerful militant commander “Radio Mullah” Fazlullah was being made the central leader of the militant umbrella group the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).
“We have reports that Mullah Fazlullah was being made the chief of the TTP,” Malik told reporters in Mingora, Swat.
He said that the reason Fazlullah was being made leader was that current chief Hakimullah Mehsud had been ‘underground’ and inactive, and had not been commanding most of the operations of the TTP.
Fazlullah is the chief of the Swat Taliban, which previously had control over the Swat region and is believed to have melted away across the border following a Pakistani military offensive in 2009. Fazlullah is now believed to be based in Afghanistan’s Kunar province.
A spokesman for the Swat Taliban had claimed that two killers from Fazlullah’s special hit squad had been sent to target young schoolgirl Malala Yousufzai. The spokesman had further threatened to kill the girl’s father following the failed assassination attempt on the girl’s life.
Malik also visited the house of Kainat, one of the girls injured during the attack on Malala in Swat.
The Interior Minister said that three platoons of the Frontier Constabulary (FC) would be named after the three girls – Malala, Kainat and Shazia.
He also said that the government would confer a Sitara-i-Shujaat award on Malala for her activism for girls education and peace despite dangers to her life.
He announced compensation for both Kianat and Shazia.
Mr. Rehman Malik said that the government would pay for Kianat’s medical and school facilities and her brother had been given employment in the passport office Swat.

سوات: وزیر داخلہ رحمن ملک ملالہ کے ساتھ حملے میں زخمی ہونے والی کائنات کی عیادت کررہے ہیں۔ فوٹو: پی پی آئی

اسلام آباد / سوات: وزیرداخلہ رحمن ملک نے ملالہ یوسف زئی پر حملے کی ذمے داری قبول کرنے والے تحریک طالبان پاکستان کے ترجمان احسان اللہ احسان کے سرکی قیمت دس کروڑروپے مقررکردی ہے۔
سی این این کوانٹرویومیں انھوں نے ملا فضل اللہ کواس حملے کاذمے دارقرار دیاہے جوسوات آپریشن کے دوران افغانستان فرار ہوگیا تھا ، انھوں نے کہاکہ ملالہ یوسفزئی پرحملے کامنصوبہ افغانستان میں تیارکیا گیا تھا،چارافرادوہاں سے آئے ایک شخص کی نشاندہی ہوگئی ہے اوراس کے کچھ ساتھی گرفتار ہوئے ہیں، ایک شخص کی منگیتر کو حراست میں لیاگیا ہے۔سوات میں ملالہ کے ساتھ زخمی ہونیوالی طالبہ کائنات کے عیادت کے بعدمیڈیاسے گفتگو میں رحمٰن ملک نے کہاکہ ملالہ ایک نظریے کانام ہے اُسے کچھ نہیں ہو سکتااس موقع پرانھوں نے حکومت کی طرف سے ملالہ کیلیے تمغہ شجاعت کااعلان کیا۔
اُنھوں نے کہاکہ مجھے اطلاع ملی ہے کہ طالبا ن جیسے میں ظالمان کہتاہوں کاامیرحکیم اللہ محسودتقریباً دو،ڈھائی ماہ قبل ہلاک ہوااس کی جگہ ملافضل اللہ کونیاامیر مقررکیاجارہاہے، اُنھوں نے کہاکہ طالبان کے ترجمان احسان اللہ احسان جیسے لوگ جانورہیں اُنھیں انسان کہناانسانیت کی تو ہین ہے،ملالہ جیسی معصوم بچی پرمزیدحملوں کااعلان طالبان کاانسانیت دشمن ہونے کاثبوت ہے،اُنہوں نے ملالہ، کائنات،شازیہ کے نام سے فرنٹیرکانسٹیبلری میں الگ الگ یونٹ کے قیام،کائنا ت کو میڈیکل میں سرکاری خرچہ پرداخلہ دینے کے علاوہ کائنات کے بھائی ذیشان حید ر کو پاسپورٹ آفس میں نوکری دینے کااعلان کیا۔

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