#ImranKhan should also end sit-in: @SenRehmanMalik

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister Rehman Malik has said that Imran Khan should follow his “cousin” (Tahirul Qadri) and end his sit-in.
Malik said the government should meanwhile tell to nation about the damages caused by the sit-ins. “We are against the sanctions on the media and if government wants to ban media it should not discriminate. Moreover, the government should release all the workers of PAT and PTI,” the former minister said while talking to media outside parliament. While addressing the Senate during its session, he asked the government to ensure the protection of rights of minorities and facilitate them.
“Nation has seen the sit-ins. Anyhow, we welcome Tahirul Qadri in politics. PML-N leaders and ministers should encourage him instead of criticism. Political jirga was tasked to bring three of the parties on table for dialogue and we have succeeded. Decision of Tahirul Qadri will exert positive effects on country”, he further added. While thanking Imran and Tahirul Qadri, Malik said that he had informed both leaders that Nawaz Sharif would not resign as prime minister, as there was no such clause or article in the constitution.
Thereafter, they decided to start the political struggle. However, PAT decided to start political struggle and government should not create obstacles for them. He further described that parliamentarians used different ways to reach at parliament due to sit-ins and Political Jirga made clear the way. He appealed to Imran Khan that he should end his sit-ins like his cousin. He said that he himself did not try to sort out the issue with MQM. Anyhow, he suggested to party leadership that the issue is provincial and provincial leadership would handle it.
It is in the favour of province if both parties would remain together in Sindh government. He requested both leaderships that they should forget the past and go ahead. He made clear that he did not make any phone call to Altaf Hussain.
It is not possible that Altaf Hussain would refuse to take his call. He appealed government to release PAT and PTI workers.
Source: Daily Times

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