Genius Zardari strikes again‏ -by Dr Saifur Rehman

Mr. Mian Maanzoor wattoo is one of the most magnanimous personalities of pakistani politics, a deal broker political leader who has been part of the country’s political landscape for well over 35 years.
President of Pakistan Asif Ali zardari has been reiterating his version that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) will clean sweep next general elections in province of Punjab and PPP will introduce a jiyala as Chief minister of Punjab, after forty years.
Even worst enemies of Zardari have no way out but to admit zardari’s vision and zardari’s coin. There are alot of unpredictable decisions have been taken by Pakistan peoples Party(PPP)under the leadership of Asif Ali Zardari. For the time being those decisions were seen as unpopular moves by section of media and section columnists, analysts and anchorpersons, but time and again zardari’s coin has ruled the state yet. Asif Ali zardair’s decisions have always proved to be beneficial in the long run.
Though a tactical move but predicatable and much needed announcement was made on 17th october by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the announcement which has created ripples of excitement in the jiyalas of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) appointed a veteran statesman Mian Manzoor wattoo as president of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) punjab. Most of analysts believe that Mian manzoor wattoo’s election will prove to be beneficial for Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).
I appreciate the decision of President Asif Ali Zardari and in my opinon it would provide an impetus to the PPP activities in the province of Punjab.
I believe that Mian Manzoor Wattoo throuh his experience and wisdom, would make remarkable contribution in strengthening the party in Punjab.
To me this is fanatastic political decision. I would say this is the beauty of politics and yet again zardari at his best. Zardari’s brilliant mind has chosen an ace of politics of punjab.
It is a very calculated decision by boss. He had a know of it that Mian Manzoor watto can carry on and extend his politics reconciliation in much better way in punjab region, wattoo’s extraodinary profile of successful player in parialiamentary politics of punjab in particular is something very impressive. He was first elected, in 1985, the Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab.
Three times elected for the same office, he secured the office of the Chief Minister of Punjab in 1993 on the PML (Junejo) ticket after a vote of no-confidence in
the Punjab legislature against PML-N’s serving chief minister Ghulam Haider Wayne.
Afterwards, he had to pay price, during second tenure of PML-N, Nawaz sharif accused him of corruption charges and started trial against him but he was vindicated by courts later on. During musharraf government wattoo played his key role and not only made his presence felt but he was most infleuntial figure in the government and spoke the truth.
During his 37 years political influential career, one thing, for which he is very keen is that he has master player of Punjab’s politics and he has been maintaining his tight grip on central punjab. May it be 1990s era’s tug of war with chatha and others or it be 2000s when differences appeared with chaudhry’s of Gujarat. Wattoo emerged as winner in all circumstances and he has proved himself a real jack of all arts. Well calibrated move by PPPP leadership, hats
off to zardari, Zardari strikes again.

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