Zalimans not Talibans! let us join @SenRehmanMalik -by Dr Saifur Rehman‏

On 9th october, Draculas in Pakistan attacked a courageous and brave
girl Malala while she was on her way to home after attending her
school. 15 year old girl, first ever national youth peace prize winner
has a vision for Pakistan and she has gone all out to protect pakistan
and education of pakistani female children and to protect women’s
rights in Pakistan. One of draculas’ groups, Tehrik-i- Taliban
Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said that the TTP accepts
responsibility of the attack as Malala was propagating anti-Taliban
and ‘secular’ thoughts among the youth of the area. What a height of
illiteracy and level of intensity of polarization in this particular
area. Malala is the daughter of the nation. She is the symbol of
peace, education and women rights activisim for Pakistan. I pray for
her speedy recovery and good health. May she stay well and stay
blessed always. I also appreciate government of Pakistan for its swift
response, which saved Malala’s life. The panel of Pakistani doctors
recommended that Malala be shifted abroad to a UK centre which has the
capability to provide integrated care to children who have sustained
severe injury. On 15th october, Malala was flown out of Pakistan in a
specially equipped air ambulance provided by the United Arab Emirates
and she was admitted in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in
central England, a center which has specialized in the treatment of
troops wounded in Afghanistan. According to UK doctors she is stable
now and making good progress. Minister for Interior Senator Rehman
Malik visited her and thanked the British government for providing
excellent treatment facilities to Malala Yousafzai in the Queen
Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
Before Malala, shaheed slman taseer and shaheed mohtarma benazir
bhutto had sacrificed for Pakistan against same mindset same draculas
and their draconians laws . Yes. True we are state in war but very sad
that PML-N, PTI and JI are ardent supporters of these draculas. PTI
and JI have no representation in parliament they are self proclaimed
leaders of Pakistan. PML-N’s role in parliament is no different from
non-parliamentarian parties like PTI and JI. PML-N have soft corner
for draculas and like draculas they also want to wrest all rights of
eductaion from Pakistani children. As a visitor I attended last
sessoion of senate, heated deabte was on and PML-N legislators,
through their speeches sent negative message to international
community that ‘war on terror is not Pakistan’s war’, it was their
tacit approval for draculas’ terrorist activities in Pakistan. I was
amazed to know that and it is so pathetic that people of Pakistan
elect them(PML-N) to represent them in parliament, for a while I
thought that people have wasted their vote. In the end interior
minister Rehman Malik beriefed the house about the situation and he
was very concerned about deadly attack on Malala and he put his
suggestions that draculas should be branded as ‘zalimans’ not
‘talibans’. It is undeniable fact that Rehman Malik is brave enough to
fight against menace of terrorism, we all know very well that in year
2007-08,Talibans were about to storm capital city of Pakistan,
Islamabad like they did in swat and imposed their own draconian laws.
His integrity, honesty and steadfastness pushed the deadly Talibans
away from the capital. I do remember when democracy restored in
Pakistan in 2008 and Rehman Malik was started to work as advisor to PM for
interior affairs, he appealed to media and his nation to brand
talibans and Al-qaeda as terrorists and enemies of Pakistan. and he
repeatedly covey his opinions and he succeeded to convince media and
nation in this regard.
To be very honest I am so much impressed by Rehman malik’s serious
attitude and his courage to fight our war on terror. Let us join hands
of Rehman Malik to strengthen Pakistan and we also should brand
them(talibans) as ‘ zaalimaans’ not ‘talibans

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