Transcript of Chairman #PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s video message on #Ashura

Bismillah hir rehman nir Rahim
Assalam-o- allaikum,

Har Ebtada Se Pehlay, Har Entiha K Baad
Zaat E Nabi (SW) Buland Hai, Zaat E Khuda K Baad
Dunya Me Ehtaraam Ke Qabil Hain Jitnay Log
Main Sab-ko Manta Hun, Magar Mustafa (SW) K Baad
Qatal E Hussain (RA) Asal Mein Marg E Yazeed Hai
Islam Zinda Hota Hai, Har Karbala K Baad……….!
The entire Muslim Ummah is observing Ashura today.
10th Muharram, the day when Hussainiat looked Yazidiat in the eye and challenged its tyranny /when Husaainiat sacrificed its blood at the altar of Yazidiyat in order to uphold truth. When the oppressed defeated the oppressor.
When truth prevailed over falsehood, when Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain, raised his Alam to save the religion of his beloved Grandfather and sacrificed his family and companions.
The supreme sacrifice they made is unrivaled in history, but it was not in war, in fact, it was a message for the oppressed, to fight for the truth and eradicate oppression.
Na mojza hai Karbala
Na Haadsa hai Karbala
Jo khoon say likha gaya
Who faisla hai Karbala
History tells us that on 10th Muharram in Karbalaa the call of Azaan arose from the ravaged and burnt tents of the Prophet (PHUH)’s family. From another direction one could also hear azaan arising from Yazid’s camps.
As the Yazid were dividing the Muslim Ummah and pitting Muslims against one another, once again, Yazid and Dajjal in the garb of Al Qaeeda, ISIS and TTP are driving the Muslim world towards an apocalypse and once again have brought us face to face with Karbala.
This war is not about Shia or Sunni. This war is against Islam and peace. This is Hussainiat confronting yazidiat. This is humanity challenging inhumanity. This is a fight between truth and falsehood.
We are the soldiers of Muhammad, we are the sword of Ali, we respect the Prophet (PBUH)’s companions, we love ahle-e-bait, we are the devotees of Hussainiat, we are passionate about Bhuttoism, we are followers of Shaheed BB, we are the chain of democracy, we are Shahdeed-e-Jamhooriat’s Jaanisar, we are Benazir’s teer.
We are PPP’s jiyally and we will show the world that our strength is no less than the force of the sea and Hussain’s army.
We will continue our struggle against Yazidiyat and will not rest till we have destroyed the Yazids and Dajjals or our time.
Our Prophet (PBUH) has taught us to respect women. But Yazeed’s army did not even spare Bibi Zainab. History will never forgive or forget how Yazid insulted her caravan. Today’s Yazids and dajjals wish to oppress and disgrace our mothers, sisters and daughters just the way Yazid oppressed Bibi Zainab.
We condemn oppression and mistreatment of women all over the world.
Whenever and wherever women’s rights have been violated, we have raised our voice for justice and will continue to do so.
Whether it is Muzaffargar’s Mukhtara Mai, Swat’s Malala, or Egypt’s Mukhatara Mai, Syria’s Malala, or Iraq’s Benazir… we will always stand by them.
In this war between right and wrong, we will stand like a rock with every oppressed, we will follow in the footsteps of Mader-e-Jamhooriat Nusrat Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.
We will not abandon our mothers, sisters and daughters.
We will be the voice of minority communities all over the world and will fight for their right, whether they are Sindh’s Hindus, Punjab’s Masih, KPK’s Sikhs, Baluchistan Hazara, Iraq’s kurds.
Today’s Yazid’s and their minions are peddling hate and discord in the name of Islam and wish to impose their bogus, vicious and cruel doctrines upon us, which have no connection whatsoever with Islam, humanity and Hussainiat.
I remind you, my grandfather Shaheed Zulfiqar Bhutto had said…
“I am a Muslim, I am the son of a Muslim, I will give my life for my religion and my country, Pakistan. I will give every possible sacrifice for Pakistan, I will even sacrifice my children for Pakistan”.
I will to wage jihad for, my ideology, my people, and my religion.
I am the grandson of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto,
I am the son of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto,
The inheritor of martyr’s legacy,
I hereby promise,
Islam is our religion,
Democracy is our jihad,
Equity is our economy
Reconciliation is our politics,
All power to the people
Martyrdom is our destination.
If you are with me, if like me, you too are a Bhutto, if you are BB’s jiyala, if you are President Zardari’s soldiers, if you are Bilawal’s brothers, if you are democracy’s guardians, believe in humanity, believe in equality, willing to live and die for Bhuttoism, symbols of Hussainiat, Ali’s Zulfiqar, Muhammad (PBUH)’s followers, then come with me to Bilawal House, Lahore on 30th November for Yaum-e-Tasees.
Come and renew your pledge to Bhutto and renew your commitment to Bhuttoism.
Come renew your commitment to democracy.
Come renew your committment to Hussainiat.
Come and once more pledge your commitment to your Prophet (PBUH).
Once again, come commit yourself to humanity.
Commit yourself to God’s message.
Chalni hai zulm o jor say, jaada Hussain ka
Apnay lahoo mein tarr hai, libadaa Hussain ka
Lekin usool-e-deen ko, bachanay kay wastay
Batil pay chaa gaya hai, irrada Hussain ka.
Ya Allah, Ya Rasool, Benazir bay-qasoor.
Pakistan Zindabad.


اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں