President Zardari's Eid greetings to Mandi Bhauddin‏ -by Dr Saifur Rehman

I was one of the invitees of CADD minister Nazar Muhammad Gondal to attend Eid Milan party on 14th november, organised by Haji Muhammad Afzal Chan, Nazar Muhammad Gondal, Public accounts committee chairman Nadeem Afzal Chan and member of Punjab assembly Waseem Afzal Chan in Malakwal city of district mandi bhauddin in the honour of President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari.
I arrived there two days before the event and visited all local areas including sargodha disrtict. It is worthwhile to let the readers know that Mandi Bhauddin district is the mini Larkana and one of the strongest forts of PPP, you can judge popularity of PPP in this district that how a small Eid milan party converted into a big mammoth huge public gathering of half million people and in last general elections PPP won all seats both national and provincial assembly(2 National Assembly seats and 5 Provincial Assembly seats).

Railway track over river Jhelum.

I started my visit with my arrival at the house of a senior politician and beloved leader and founder of Mandi Bhauddin district Haji Muhammad Afzal Chan in Pind Makko. Chan family’s sacrifices for democracy and PPP were paid off and Asian Nelson Mandela went there to meet people of mandi bhauddin at Eid milan party.
President Zardari not only shared Eid greetings with people of Mandi Bhauddin but he also presented gifts to people as he launched many development projects worth Rs 3.609 billion for the districts, Mandi Bahauddin and Sargodha.
President Zardari launched gas projects for two villages(Chak Nizam and Raipur) of Mandi Bahauddin and Sargodha and adjoining areas for Rs 1.433 billion and Rs 1.469 billion respectively.
He announced a road project worth Rs 209 million between Chan Chowk to Roza bridge and another worth Rs 174 million in Mandi Bahauddin. The President also announced Rs 324 million for the project of Victoria bridge over River Jhelum. Construction of Victoria bridge over River Jhelum was much needed and is vital for easy communications among three districts of mandi Bhauddin, sargodha and Jhelum.
Victoria bridge was the demand of these three districts and this demand was fullfilled by Presidenr Zardari. During the day of During my visit I observed that local people were extremely happy with current government’s policies, specially they admire foreign policy of the government and efforts of current government on war on terror.
I also met elders of the towns of district mandi bhauddin and sargodha, they also are of the view that President Asif Ali Zardari is visionary leader and he has rescued Pakistan from worst ever crisis in the history of Pakistan. They still remember Zardari’s slogan ‘Pakistan Khapay’, after martyrdom of BB shaheed on 27th december 2007; as 4th dead body of a national leader was dispatched from punjab to sindh and Zardari was in extreme pain and shock but he determined to strengthen
his beloved homeland Pakistan and democracy of Pakistan. Elders believed that there is no alternative of zardari and they were hoping victory of PPP in next general elections.

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