PPP leaders call for promoting tolerance, providing equal rights to every citizen

LAHORE: Senior PPP leader Senator Aitzaz Ahsan on Sunday revealed that the PPP would pass a resolution on its upcoming foundation day to abolish the word minority as his party believed in equal respect for all citizens.
He was a seminar organised by the PPP Human Rights Wing at Lahore Press Club. Political Secretary to PPP Chairman Jahangir Badr, Nafisa Shah, Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, former MNA Yasmin Rehman, Asif Khan, Jahan Ara Wattoo, Javed Kamyana, Naureen Sial, Naseer Ahmed and others also addressed the gathering.
Aitzaz said the minorities had rendered remarkable services for Pakistan, adding that the first foreign minister of Pakistan was a non-Muslim, while Cecil Chaudhry – a Christian – in 1965 war defended the homeland as a pilot.
Similarly, he said, non-Muslim judges like Justice Cornelius, Justice Durab Patel and Justice Bhagwan Das were glaring example of patriotism.Aitzaz said the PPP would abolish the word minority and disband its minority wing. He added that the party would use a better word for the non-Muslim Pakistanis who had always played an extraordinary role for the country through thick and thin. “We must promote tolerance and give rights to our children who should be allowed to express their opinion freely,” he stressed.
Citing the example of Europe, Aitzaz said by respecting each other’s opinions and rights, the people of that continent had attained a remarkable level of prosperity but, unfortunately, “we as a nation are fighting over trivial issues.”
Nafisa Shah – a PPP leader from Sindh – listed intolerance as a key factor which has destroyed peace of the society and called for the need to build Pakistan as per the teachings of Quaid-e-Azam. She said there was a dire need to promote tolerance and discourage anything which could disturb harmony.
“We should strive to bring into existence the Pakistan as envisaged by Quaid-e-Azam which promised complete religious liberty to every citizen,” she said.Nafisa said no powerful had the authority to dictate any downtrodden and oppressed.
Badr on the occasion said tolerance did not mean facing hardships at the hands of someone more powerful and its proper meaning was to ensure equal rights to the people belonging to all segments of society.
Ashrafi in his address stated that the PPP must return to its real philosophy and put an end to the politics of compromises. The party must raise its voice for the deprived segments of society, he added.Asif Khan said the PPP was the only party which had always linked itself with masses and remained a real advocate of the deprived people’s rights.
Source: The News

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