Senator Ghani lambastes Fed Govt for dual standard

Lecture at SZABIST on Privatisation of National Institutions:
Karachi. 26.11.2014: It would be a lame excuse on behalf of the federal government to privatise the national strategic institutions on the pretext of inability to keep them running. It was the moral and legal obligation of the government to ensure the masses get better means of living through policies and plans of the government rather than imposing retrenchments of workers.
No society could be declared as ideal if the people would be in a state of fuss and would seriously lack their basic right of having their say in the affairs of the state especially when the matters governing the society and the people would rest in hands of the capitalists
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Saeed Ghani said this while delivering a lecture tothe students of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology yesterday. The theme of the lecture was, “Political economy of Privatisation”.
Ghani while deploring the culture of favoritism said it had already caused many pivotal and strategic national institutions to the hands of the blue-eyed under the policy of privatisation of the federal government led by the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Pervez Musharraf.
Sadly, the present federal government had adopted a sick notion that described they were not responsible for making the national strategic institutions working. The federal government had the legal obligation toward the welfare of the people denying which would be tantamount to admitting the absence of any government, he commented.
While lambasting the federal government for its dual standard, the PPP Senator Saeed Ghani said that the much trumpeted Metro Bus Project of PMLN in Punjab was in fact a contradiction to PMLN’s own logic about the privatisation of national institutions. The project was being run under the government’s aegis.
The PPP Senator Saeed Ghani while rejecting the government’s claim on increasing deficit at loss-making national strategic institutions, amounting to Rs. 500 billion, said the situation was opposite and contrary to the facts.
How the federal government would guarantee for a boost in economy after selling 69 units when the irony was that the economy could not see a glimpse of any betterment in country’s economy after 167 units were sold off? He questioned.
The privatisation of those 167 units only resulted into creating monopolies and cartels in different business sectors. The government had simply aimed at throwing their liabilities away and had seriously lacked in carving out any reasonable mechanism to monitor the post-privatisaion scenario. In addition, the government had also failed to conduct study in order to ascertain the performance of those units privatised earlier, explained the PPP Senator.
In reply to a question, the PPP Senator Saeed Ghani there was a need to improve the mechanization of the national institutions in order to enhance their performance. The state would be left with empty hands if it would continue with their policy to sell all.
He urged upon the students to contribute to the country so that the society could attain the desired goal of prosperity.
Things were not as bad as they were being portrayed and as a matter of fact, the society had made remarkable progress in every aspect of life while there was always enough room for further improvement, he said, adding that the people should also evaluate their role and should not adopt a trend of shifting one’s responsibility onto the shoulders of others because thus the dream of transforming Pakistan into a real welfare state would come true.

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