Imran should hold talks, dissent more effective in House than on street: Asif Ali Zardari

PPP co-chairman offers dispute resolution through dialogue between opposing parties
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari has observed that the Parliament was the best place to raise dissent as its impact was more worrying for the government than taking the issues to the street.
Addressing the former MNAs, MPAs, ticket holders of district, presidents and secretary generals from the Gujranwala division at Kamoki, Zardari said that politics of agitation was not suitable for democracy and politics of reconciliation was the way forward.
The PPP co-chairman added that the opposition parties should get in touch with his party and they would facilitate the engagement of the opposite political forces with the sole aim of redressing the grievances through dialogue leading to break the political inertia.

Zardari urged all the political forces of the country to forge unity and take up the challenges facing the country with the spirit of national interest. They should take the ownership collectively because no single party was in a position to address the problems the country was confronted with at present.
He added that the nation had to take ownership like it took in case of Pak- China relations and the success was foregone conclusion. Similarly, the nation has to figure out a strategy to tackle the lingering problems of load shedding of gas and electricity, poverty, illiteracy and extremism, with consensus, realising these as national issues requiring measured up response within the democratic framework.
Zardari recalled that he voluntarily delegated his powers to the parliament with the sole consideration of making it strong. He added that making the parliament strong was analogous to making the democracy strong.

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