PPP condemns violence in Faisalabad

Islamabad Dec 8: Pakistan Peoples Party has condemned violence in Faisalabad and called for restraint by both sides.
Spokesperson Farhatullah Babar said that the provincial government was wrong in allowing workers of PML-N to come out into the streets and confront workers of PTI with sticks and batons when passions were running high. It was a sure invitation to a clash between the rival political workers, he said adding also “this provocation could and must have been avoided”. The fact that the provocation was not avoided only demonstrates the arrogance and political immaturity of those responsible for the decision to bring PML-N workers on the roads, he said.
The spokesperson to former President Asif Zardari demanded an inquiry into the incident and punishment under the law to those responsible for the clash and unfortunate murder of a youth. He said that some people may be looking for a few dead bodies but it is for the government to ensure that the much sought dead bodies are denied to them.

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