The real prime minister -by Saria Benazir

An accolade to Pakistan’s bravest man and former Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik
He is carved out of indestructible mettle. The very first sight of him, escorting the destiny’s daughter to her motherland on the fateful October 18, 2007 has ever since held my heart and psyche hostage to the nearness and buoyancy they shared. The purity of this proximity is unvaryingly engrossing, constituted of homogeneous and incomparable luster, heroism and ambition, which reverberates through every photograph of the two. The quantity of reverence and conviction that had nurtured in the process throws one into admiration – the magnetizing tranquility and genuineness in their eyes coupled with the earnest desire to improve the prospects of the natives of Pakistan enlarges into the epicenter of an optimistic future for the deprived of the country. Throughout their association, he presented himself as a shield to the heartthrob of the masses, and his much cherished sister, Mohtarmah Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. He is a synonym to victory, devotion and reliance, and Pakistan’s rejoinder to terrorism.
Rehman Malik is a winner at life. The narrative of his accomplishments makes one stoop in veneration for him. During his stint as the official at Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency and later its Additional Director – General, he rendered an irrefutable service to the humankind hby launching a secret war against the Islamists operating in the country and abroad leading to the expatriation of the instigator behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, Ramzi Yousef to the United States for trial. He, from the very foundation has stood stiff against the fanatic and the fraudulent elements, which frenzied the right wing and led to his termination from the office and incarceration when Nawaz Sharif took over as the Prime Minister as an act of reprisal for revealing the massive corruption of the Sharifs and his ties with his political rival, Benazir Bhutto. He later went into self -imposed exile to the United Kingdom, where he set up a flourishing business and aided Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto with her security and political dealings facilitating her homecoming in October 2007. By that time, he had surfaced as one of the closest confidant of Pakistan’s slain Prime Minister.
After the agonizing assassination of Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto, he adhered to her kin and vision with peerless fidelity and constancy. He now had two brothers, Asif being one; three sons, Bilawal being one and two daughters, Bakhtawar and Aseefa – appreciating the very vow he had made to Shaheed Bibi during her lifetime. Following the PPP’s victory in the 2008 general elections, he was sworn in as the Federal Minister for Interior, at a time when the country was bathing in blood with the deadliest law and order situation and the foes hitting it from inside and outside. He faced these challenges with noteworthy perspicacity and grit, setting an exemplar for others to chase.
His name sends frissons to the terrorists. During his tenure as the Interior Minister, numerous successful counter terrorism operations were carried out in the country and the green flag windlassed yet again in the Swat valley. His astute strategies against the Taliban and their allies led to a noticeable decline in the terrorist activities in the country, and brought respite to the population, policies that the ensuing government was compelled to tag along notwithstanding their disinclination. In the repercussion of any attack, he personally visited and looked after the sufferers and never roiled his words and in its place denounced the perpetrators in very comprehensible language. He never bartered for individual fortification at the cost of his country’s and this is palpable from his audacious standpoint against the murderers of thousands of Pakistani citizens and soldiers – his revulsion for them echoing the loudest amongst a country of narcissistic politicians. He guaranteed the intransience of Pakistan’s embryonic democracy in events of chaos and mayhem materializing his unyielding observance of Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto’s values of reconciliation by his discernible acumen, and lending a shoulder to the subjugated and disadvantaged countrymen leaving one in speculation if he were perhaps the Prime Minister of the country.
Rehman Malik is a Pakistani to the core. He has dedicated his breaths to the soil in which he yearns to get buried and has always stood up for the honor of the men in the khaki at the lowest of times. His unsurpassed forbearance to baseless denigration coupled with other qualities of head and heart construct avenues to the hearts of his friends and foes alike. For his hairstyle or ties, he remains the constant media darling. For his fearlessness in the face of dangers to his life, he has the chest of platinum, well-built and burnished than the bullets of his antagonists.

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