Asif Ali Zardari condemns the Peshawar school attack, asks Party to mount relief and rehabilitation work

Former President describes militants as Bokoharam of Pakistan and calls for fighting to the finish ‘existential threat’ to Pakistan
Islamabad December 16, 2016: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has denounced the militants’ attack on the school in Peshawar killing over 130 innocent children as ‘most barbaric, atrocious and inhuman that will hang the heads of every civilized person in any age and any clime’.
In a statement denouncing the incident the former President said the Bokoharam of Pakistan striking in the fashion of their kinsmen in Africa on Tuesday morning in Peshawar by targeting school children is a dark day in the history of this country. The crime has been committed on a dark day of our history when Pakistan was dismembered this day in 1971, he said.
The monstrous cruelty and sheer barbarism together with the symbolism of perpetrating it today should open the eyes of all those who give the nation lectures that the exterminated militants are ‘martyrs in the cause of a noble fight’.
Let there be no doubt or mistake that the religious extremists and fanatics are the worst enemies of the country and its people. There is no alternative to fight them to the finish for the very survival of Pakistan and our future generations. The absence of alternative to fighting the monster must make the mind of every self proclaimed puritan very clear, the former President said.
Mr. Zardari said that this incident should also strengthen the resolve of the nation to stand together against this existential threat to the security and stability of the country. ‘Let us be clear’, the former President said, adding also, ‘the enemy is not external but internal; it lives and thrives in our midst and is nurtured and sustained in the name of religion’.
Expressing profound condolences the former President prayed for eternal rest to all the martyred, early recovery of those injured and patience to the bereaved families.
Mr. Asif Ali Zardari also directed the Party leaders to suspend all activities and immediately mount efforts aimed at relief and rehabilitation of the victim families. He also called upon the Party workers to visit the hospitals and donate blood to those injured.
On this occasion let it also be said that the whole nation stands behind the law enforcing agencies in the ongoing operation against the militants and salutes the sacrifices, courage and determination of our armed forces and the courage and resilience of the people.
Nation and Political leadership should forget ther difference and its time to be united and fight together against these extremists, he said. We need to have only one agenda now for the sake of our country and if we will not do this than they will keep killings us like this so we need to be together as a nation. Mr Zardari said that our children are getting Martyred and now we can’t sit and only condemn these incidents. As a politician it’s our duty to bring the whole nation together so that we can fight together.

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Asif Ali Zardari condemns the Peshawar school attack, asks Party to mount relief and rehabilitation work” ایک تبصرہ

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