Media should desist from creating impression of executions as revengeful activity: Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo‏

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, has urged the section of media to desist from giving an impression of revengeful activity of the executions of the terrorists because these are being carried out in compliance with the punishment awarded by the Courts and after completing the due process of law.
He said this while addressing the seminar held here today under the auspices of Unified Media Club of Pakistan to express solidarity with the victims of the Peshawar massacre.
He pointed out that the Chairman Bilawal Bhutto was the first who raised powerful voice against terrorists by describing them neither human beings nor Muslims and therefore must be sorted out with the full force of the state.
He further said that the consensus of the entire leadership of the country to fight out terrorism as the only option vindicated the stance of the PPP taken right from the outset.
He appreciated that the government, political leadership, Judiciary, civil society and army were on the same page adding it was imperative that the government should not demonstrate any degree of complacency in rooting out terrorism from the country for all times to come.
He also welcomed the PTI Chief who terminated the politics of sit-in and decided to join the leadership of the country to extend support to deal with the scourge of terrorism and extremis.
He said that the massacre of Peshawar was the 9/11 of Pakistan and therefore it was incumbent on the government to take the measured and resolute response as was taken by the US government to contain the re-occurrence of the incident of the same nature. In fact, there was no terrorist attack on USA soil since then, he added.
He underscored the importance of passing the legislation that would ensure to address the issue of terrorism on sustainable basis that posed existential threat to the country.
He appreciated the countless sacrifices of the Pakistan army that was engaged against terrorists with the determination to wipe them out from the country.
He said that the PPP stood for democracy adding democracy was the antidote of terrorism. Democracy brought political stability so critical for economic prosperity adding political stability and economic development are inseparable. he maintained
He expressed the resolve of the PPP that democracy was non- negotiable and the Party could go to any extend for the continuity and the promotion of political system in the country.
Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo observed that the indiscrimination application of law was essential that would earn the appreciation and respect of the people. He cited that during his Chief Ministership he imposed ban on display of arms and its implementation was across the board adding he ordered the arrests of the culprits who violated the law although they were members of the coalition partner.

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