PPP warns opposition parties against ‘intrigues’

KARACHI: The opposition parties in the Sindh Assembly should be careful of elements that had always supported dictatorship and impeded the country’s progress and should keep in mind the sanctity of the ballot and mandate of the people.
The PPP senators — Saeed Ghani, Dr Karim Khawaja and Kulsoom Perveen — said this in a statement issued here regarding reports of ‘unification’ of parties on the opposition benches in the Sindh Assembly to “topple the government at the behest of authoritarian elements”.
They advised them to adopt only democratic and constitutional means.
They said that the masses and the PPP would support any step to be taken for strengthening the democracy, but they would oppose any ‘unconstitutional adventure’.
“Those conspiring to move a no-confidence motion in the Sindh assembly through unconstitutional means have simply ignored the onward repercussions of the move, which will encompass the entire political system at the national level.”
They said those who believed that the PPP would be in a weaker position should keep in mind that the PPP was no novice in parliamentary politics.
Hinting at certain political and religious parties in the province, the PPP senators said why they were tight-lipped at the arrest of Lyari gangster Uzair Jan Baloch with the assistance of Interpol, which was only made because the Sindh government wanted to bring him to book. They said those who always exploited certain situation for political mileage and criticised the Sindh government for being partisan were now silent.
The Sindh government had never been involved in acts of discrimination at any scale, they added.
“It is a known fact that certain religious and political parties have made efforts to patronise Lyari gangsters, including Uzair Jan Baloch, and broke their fast with him in the past Ramadan,” they claimed.
The PPP senators said that on the Timber Market tragedy certain political parties had started criticising the Sindh government only for gaining political mileage, but they were silent over the inferno at the Old Anarkali in Lahore, where precious lives were lost.
“Those criticising the Sindh government for lacking good governance should answer as to what action has been taken at the federal level against the power distribution companies that collected duty from consumers on behalf of the national exchequer, but did not deposit the sum of money to the national exchequer and were being ignored for their deliberate embezzlement of public money.”
The PPP senators asked the parties on opposition benches to show maturity in their approach and avoid becoming a toy in the hands of those playing game against the democracy and should work for strengthening of the democracy.
Published in Dawn, December 31st, 2014

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